Pastor AndrewAndrew J. Schlecht is a disciple of Jesus Christ, husband, father, grandfather and son on a great adventure.  He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Arizona, eventually becoming co-owner and president of Merry Carnell Schlecht, a successful architecture firm in Tucson, for about ten years. Answering a call to pastoral ministry, he resigned in order to attend both Fuller Seminary Southwest and Luther Seminary. After receiving his Master of Divinity from Luther Seminary, he was called to serve Kindred Lutheran Church in Kindred, North Dakota, where he lives with his wife, Vallorie. They have four children and four grandchildren.

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Where you are in your relationship with Jesus is vital—it is a matter of life and death … and life.  Our relationship with God begins with Christ and ends with Christ, for Jesus is the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. As my good friend, Bob Schwandt, once observed, “We make a thousand decisions every day to move toward Christ or away from Christ.” Where are you?

Some twenty years ago, I wrestled with the question, “Where am I?” I still wrestle. My guess is that others may wrestle too. Therefore, this question seems like a good place to start. So, here is the invitation ….

The kingdom of God is at hand! God has taken the initiative. He is whispering your name and invites you to enter into the silence, to be quiet long enough to hear with a listening heart. It is an invitation that echoes through time and eternity. Approach his throne of grace with confidence. Come hang out with Jesus.

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