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WHERE AM I? God in the Details of Life3D Book - 23 png no shadow.png

Lying in bed, Andrew felt restless, full of anxiety, self-doubt and anger.  He was now president of the architecture company, but he didn’t like who he was or where he was going.  The pain from Melinda’s suicide would not go away.  He found himself asking hard questions. “What more could I have done?  What should I have done differently?  Who am I?  Where is God?  Where am I?”  His relationship with Christ seemed to be going nowhere.  Life was overwhelming.  Empty and alone, he felt like his heart had turned to stone.  He could feel the hardness and the heaviness within his chest.  Sometimes he could hardly breathe….

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“One of the top ten most joyful books I have ever read!”

∼ Bob Schwandt, R.Ph.


“Andrew’s theology is excellent, remembrance of details is amazing and writing style remarkable …. ”

∼ Ronald J. Lavin, award winning author of 28 books


“It’s obvious that Schlecht has a close, personal relationship with the God of the universe.  But best of all … he invites you to do the same.”

∼ Sally Erickson